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Who ~ What ~ Why

A Gypsy named Dawn

I am the founder and creator of these tools. 

I am committed to helping humans:

  • shift the way we consume food 
  • practice mindful consumption
  • turn daily routines into sacred rituals

I honor & recognize CJ Vaughn for his help in the early stages of product development.  He helped design the shape of the handle and put up with me thru all the pre-planning.  He is a master CAD designer and all around beautiful human being !!!!

The Tools

PUP ~ Personal Utensil Pack

  • 2 Crafted Handles
  • Cutlery Extensions (fork, knife, spoon)
  • Wooden Chopstick Extensions  
  • Glass Stirring Rod 
  • Wool Napkin  
  • Compact Zipper Case 

***See Products for greater detail***


Staggering Statistics of the Throw~Away Culture


  • ~40 Billion plastic utensils are used every year in the US and are mostly thrown away after just one use *( 
  • A plastic utensil is used for approximately 10 minutes before being tossed in the trash.
  • Plastic cutlery is non-biodegradable, can leach toxic chemicals, and can take 100-1000 years to decompose.
  • There is a "plastic island" the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean
  • Plastic waste harms and even kills animals on land and sea.

The Heart of a Gypsy

A City Gypsy is a business executive, yoga instructor, student, doctor, lawyer, IT programmer, server, dog lover, retiree, artist, pirate, nomad … basically anyone who eats food and finds themselves in need of gear. 

A City Gypsy comes prepared to all eating events with a PUP (Personal Utensil Pack

Your “Inner Gypsy” …

  • is on-the-go 
  • is a free spirit
  • honors the earth and her resources  

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The City Gypsy

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